• Christian.
  • Father.
  • Husband.
  • Fat fed.  Keto fueled. Paleo the rest of the time. (Apr 2/15 – Rethinking the Keto fueled part … not sure where this will lead.)
  • As of Aug 1/16 – Converted into a CICO guy. (Calories In vs Calories Out)
  • Grow a lot of my own food.
  • Heat with wood.
  • Outdoorsman = Woodcraft.
  • Live on the open prairies.

This is a place where I can blow off a bit of steam, collect and condense my thoughts and generally let things out of my head.   This is where I can have my own opinion about stuff rather than echoing the opinions of friends, family and the local community in an attempt to keep them all happy.  I am anonymous here.  Privacy is refreshing!

Oh.  And an Axe Haft is the handle of an axe.  Without the handle an axe is not an axe.

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