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2000 Hour Flashlight

Inspired by this little Kindle book I picked up the parts and assembled a couple of these flashlights today.


This is the stuff ready to assemble.


Prepped and ready for soldering. I chose to solder instead of glue as instructed by the book but only because I’m comfortable soldering and had the stuff on hand.


Resistor added and soldered in.


This is the difference between a moded light on the right and an original unmodified flashlight on the left. There is a substantial difference but the moded light is certainly usable. It is not what one would call a ‘thrower’ but still has plenty of light to work with.

I modified both lights I had and I’m leaving one on continuously to get a feel for really how long this light will go. The other I will use around the house and yard here.  I’ll post an update when this little experiment is done.

All in all this is a very easy project and costs very little. If it ends up giving me a true 2000 hour light, I’ll be very pleased.

UPDATE – March 15, 2015.

I’ve left one of the modified flashlights on all the time since I made them back on Jan 12, 2015.  I mean on as in, it’s never been shut off … just sitting there on my shelf in the kitchen burning away.  That’s 63 days which equals 1512 hours and counting.  The light had dimmed quite a bit but is still thowing out useable light.  Pictures below show a comparison to the other modified light that has only been used a couple of times since I made it and also showing that it is producing usable light although the picture is not great.  Will update again around the 2000 hour mark.


Here are the two lights side by side.





























And … usable light!


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