Interstellar (Movie)

5ae38-interstellar_poster__7_by_visuasys-d7glmsd---CopyWatched this movie yesterday.  Good movie with good emotion and well acted.  From a Christian point of view though, this movie was totally disturbing.  There were constant themes of ‘others’ or ‘them’ acting as benevolent beings guiding and helping and ultimately saving humanity.  In the end man was able to claim that they facilitate their own salvation by coming back from what turned out to be the future to guide an earlier generation with advanced knowledge.  Whew – lots of twists and turns which seem to be pretty standard in near future type movies these days.

As a Christian, the idea that man can ultimately save himself is anti-God.  The world is an anti-God place, so this should not surprise us, but it was rather blatant and obvious in this flick.  Then the constant references to ‘others’ who were  somewhere else (complete with a worm-hole) guiding and helping man are opening minds to the possibility that salvation with come from somewhere else.  This is, of course, very true – Salvation came from God through His Son, but He was rejected.  The Hollywood brand of salvation does not come with any stipulations about actions or any condemnation of sin so is much easier for anti-God types to swallow.

Faith in science is placed in the position of God in this movie as well – a pretty typical theme these days too.

Another God-hating theme in this movie was that earth was never meant to support us … and was in fact turning on us = in effect, making God out to be the bad guy, but providing salvation from outside earth (outside God’s creation.)  The creation declares His glory (Psa. 19:1) and any attack on the creation is a veiled attack on God.

I did enjoy this movie, but I would definitely add it to the long list of movies that are preparing humanity for ‘others’ coming to save us.

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