Rethinking the Ketogenic Diet Principles

I was pretty sold on the principles behind ketones and using them for fuel.  It all seemed to make sense and was wrapped up in a nice bundle … and was presented in a way that I could understand and work with: low/no carbs, lots of fat, body begins producing ketones, body begins to burn ketones for fuel = all is well with the world.  Except it was hard for me.  Yes I loved fat, and it was VERY satiating for me, and I felt OK from about week 2 till about week 6 at which point I began to feel dragged out again.  Why?  What was I missing?  I thought back to Paleo days, and I realized that I was missing a piece of watermelon, and honey and the crunch of an apple.  Not all the time and certainly not in ‘stuff my face’ amounts, but mildly missing them just the same.Mr. Keto

So I went back to a couple of the bloggers that had got me on the path to the Keto Diet to see what they were currently doing and saying.  (I tend to read and take all I can from what people write and then move on … maybe I should have stuck with following some of these guys = hindsight is 20/20.)  Specifically I went back to Jimmy Moore (Twitter @livinlowcarbman), AKA: Mr Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb man.  The 1st post on his blog several days ago was:  I Will No Longer… . I was shocked to read the excuses and the giving up and all the other feeling-sorry-for-myself nonsense in that post.  Basically he was saying, ‘this is THE way to eat to be healthy … just don’t criticize me because it’s not working for me.’  This was the guy who was ‘advising’ me about the Keto Diet?!?  And then today he posted this horroriffic picture on Instagram.  ‘Houston, we have a problem.’  ‘Dammit Jim!’  ‘What the tarnation?’ (and any other movie exclamations one can think of.)  This was what I was trying to look like??  I looked like that once … a LONG time ago and I’m not interested in looking like that again!  Now, before all the haters come out, I’m sure Jimmy is a nice guy.  He certainly plays one on the interwebs.  I think he is honest, or at the very least still believes in what he is doing.  But F ME …. it’s not working buddy!  When you gain weight on a Keto diet (and you honestly have been eating true to the Keto diet,) then we all need to rethink this thing.  So I’m rethinking this …

Richard Nikoley over at has apparently been moving in a different direction as well.  I don’t think he ever really got into the Keto crowd, but he certainly was an avid Paleo guy back in the day when I was trying to figure out how to change my life.  His recent posts including A Rare Picture of Richard really pointed out that he was no longer following Paleo principles either especially since he is eating grains again.  It’s hard to figure out what exactly the direction is that he has gone, but it all seems to stem around moderation and enjoying food again.  And THAT strikes a chord with me!  I just want to enjoy good food again!  I do want that piece of watermelon (but not the whole melon!) and I do want a spoonful of honey now and then to enjoy melting in my mouth (but not the whole container at one time) and I want to pull an apple from one of my apple trees and crunch into it (but not 10 at a time) … you get the point.

Anyway.  Not sure where this is all going to take me.  I still need to lose between 40 and 50 lbs and I still need to get my BP under better control … and who knows what my lipid profile looks like, but I also want to live a little again.  All this seems to be bringing me back to real food and Paleo (I don’t think I’ll ever really get comfortable with grains again.)  I’m really looking forward to my huge garden again this year, and if the snow ever disappears from this frozen wasteland, I’ll be getting out there preparing the soil.  In the mean time, I have some thinking and reading to do …


Interstellar (Movie)

5ae38-interstellar_poster__7_by_visuasys-d7glmsd---CopyWatched this movie yesterday.  Good movie with good emotion and well acted.  From a Christian point of view though, this movie was totally disturbing.  There were constant themes of ‘others’ or ‘them’ acting as benevolent beings guiding and helping and ultimately saving humanity.  In the end man was able to claim that they facilitate their own salvation by coming back from what turned out to be the future to guide an earlier generation with advanced knowledge.  Whew – lots of twists and turns which seem to be pretty standard in near future type movies these days.

As a Christian, the idea that man can ultimately save himself is anti-God.  The world is an anti-God place, so this should not surprise us, but it was rather blatant and obvious in this flick.  Then the constant references to ‘others’ who were  somewhere else (complete with a worm-hole) guiding and helping man are opening minds to the possibility that salvation with come from somewhere else.  This is, of course, very true – Salvation came from God through His Son, but He was rejected.  The Hollywood brand of salvation does not come with any stipulations about actions or any condemnation of sin so is much easier for anti-God types to swallow.

Faith in science is placed in the position of God in this movie as well – a pretty typical theme these days too.

Another God-hating theme in this movie was that earth was never meant to support us … and was in fact turning on us = in effect, making God out to be the bad guy, but providing salvation from outside earth (outside God’s creation.)  The creation declares His glory (Psa. 19:1) and any attack on the creation is a veiled attack on God.

I did enjoy this movie, but I would definitely add it to the long list of movies that are preparing humanity for ‘others’ coming to save us.


2000 Hour Flashlight

Inspired by this little Kindle book I picked up the parts and assembled a couple of these flashlights today.


This is the stuff ready to assemble.


Prepped and ready for soldering. I chose to solder instead of glue as instructed by the book but only because I’m comfortable soldering and had the stuff on hand.


Resistor added and soldered in.


This is the difference between a moded light on the right and an original unmodified flashlight on the left. There is a substantial difference but the moded light is certainly usable. It is not what one would call a ‘thrower’ but still has plenty of light to work with.

I modified both lights I had and I’m leaving one on continuously to get a feel for really how long this light will go. The other I will use around the house and yard here.  I’ll post an update when this little experiment is done.

All in all this is a very easy project and costs very little. If it ends up giving me a true 2000 hour light, I’ll be very pleased.

UPDATE – March 15, 2015.

I’ve left one of the modified flashlights on all the time since I made them back on Jan 12, 2015.  I mean on as in, it’s never been shut off … just sitting there on my shelf in the kitchen burning away.  That’s 63 days which equals 1512 hours and counting.  The light had dimmed quite a bit but is still thowing out useable light.  Pictures below show a comparison to the other modified light that has only been used a couple of times since I made it and also showing that it is producing usable light although the picture is not great.  Will update again around the 2000 hour mark.


Here are the two lights side by side.





























And … usable light!


Tim Ferriss: Master Marketer or Just Another Spammer


Tim, Tim, Tim …

I’ve been following Tim Ferriss since the early days of the ‘yellow background‘ blog.  Back then he wrote to the common people; cool topics that fed dreams and encouraged people to break out of the rut they were in.  Stuff like travel planning, gaining muscle while losing fat, to-do lists, language learning … cool stuff … the stuff of dreams!  Back then, it was not about selling kitchy garbage, carrying on about angel investing as if it is curing cancer or titillating tales of practicing sex.   Even back then he showed shades of the Internet Marketer he’s become (name dropping, crosslinking, etc.,) but it was muted and mostly hidden which is the way internet marketing should be done.

Then came his 1st book: The 4-Hour Workweek.  Brilliant!!  It was the right book at the right time.  It gave hope to people and provided a tangible step-by-step plan that people with balls (and no family) could follow to maybe get lucky and break away from the drudging path they were on.  I loved that book and still dig it out and reread parts of it about once a year.  To promote the book, Tim put himself out there … and that is where he began to fall (or show his true colors.)  Book promoting is one thing = most authors do it, but self promotion = that was a Tim thing.  It was not about the book anymore, or about helping people; it was about him and what he thought and what he was doing and what junky bauble he was using in his kitchen (with an Amazon link of course.)  Everyone wanted to be like Tim.  … and Tim got rich.  Yep, the book was/is a best seller, but the Internet Marketing money was the goal and continues to be the driving force behind most of what Tim does.  And the thing is: we were all sucked in by it!  We shopped at those virtual shops and bought that junk ’cause we thought it would make us Tim.  I wonder how many ‘fans’ out there are trudging off to work right now to trying to cover the minimum payments on their debt, some of which they accumulated buying the crap that Tim promoted at them.  I’ll bet there are a lotta desk drawers or boxes in basements that contain the hopes and dreams they were sold by Tim = the Internet Marketer.  Before I go on, don’t get me wrong.  I believe that we all are responsible for the place we find ourselves.  Your debt is your debt (and it’s your fault, not Tim’s.)  You made the choices you did … nobody forced you.  So even though I see what Tim is doing as slimy Internet Marketing, you are responsible for the bag of magic beans you’ve bought.

Which brings us to Tim’s fans.  I suppose I was once like this (it’s hard to look back and be objective about what I did back then), but I’ve never seen such a bunch of sycophantic, fawning, brain dead sheeple in all my life!  (Except maybe Obama supporters in the early days … lol.)  The ‘hipsters’ of today are SOOO blind to the bill of goods they are being sold!  Maybe it’s a product of being brought up in the information age with everything available at the keyboard and flitting from one 140 character pearl of wisdom to the next … always searching and never finding.  I feel sorry for them – they are going to be the next generation of unfulfilled, debt ridden schlubs, slowly unwinding their lives toward death.  … but sheeple have always been sheeple.  From the early days of playing pass the apples (in the garden) to ‘come, let us kill him’, people have allowed themselves to be mindless followers.  Some follow their own greed while others blindly follow the herd … like sheep.  And this herd of followers seems to be the worst of all.  Get this.  They are following a guy whose original message was … do your own thing … be who you want to be – and they follow him by trying to do what he does and trying to be him.  If it wasn’t so sad it would be laughable.

Back to Tim.  His last two books are crap: at best coffee table books to show visitors how hip and cool you are = full of pretty pictures and big ideas, but short on real life … book candy, not meat and potatoes books.

And now we come to Tim the spammer.

A couple of months ago, Tim decided to tap the barrel of his blog and set up a mailing list asking people to opt in.  In return he’s been sending out posts full of fluffy nonsense and affiliate links.  And people are sucking this crap up!  Oh my, the Facebook Fans are the most unbearable!  Not a brain to be found in the bunch (and if somebody dares walk upstream they are quickly ridiculed and shot down by Tim fanatics.) So sad.  So sad to see soooo many lovely people, sons and daughters, young fathers and mothers, sucking on the teet of an Internet Marketing spammer.  Do you really think you are going to get sustenance from that teet?  Is it going to put food on your table, or provide for your future or even satisfy your craving for a new life?  It’s a dry tit people – no matter how hard you suck, nothing of any substance is going to come out!  Spit it out, get real and build your own way!

Then, last week Tim started with the Internet Marketing spammers trick of ‘ooops, I forgot the link’ or in Tim’s case, ‘Damnation! So sorry about email dupes! Thank you for your patience this week + next. If I fuck it up again, I’ll give away more prizes.’  Sheeple … this is classic Internet Marketing!  He’s doing this on purpose!  This is list building 101 and is used (and taught) by every internet marketing spamming guru out there!  Open yer eyes and see for real the slug that is feeding you this nonsense!  The funny part is, the people he’s spamming are sucking it up:

“No worries. You may be superhuman, but you are still human.”

“No worries. it is makes me feel better to know that you also fuck things up occasionally”

“You are being to hard on yourself, it’s okay, really.

Fawning fans.  It’s a sickness and one that is spreading like a virus … affecting the minds of good folks everywhere.  People: pull the wool out of yer eyes … pull away the facade that Tim is hiding behind and see slimy slug that you are feeding on!  Alas, I don’t have much confidence that many will break free.  Hope is the driving force behind the hopeless and ‘broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many travel it.’

Tim Ferriss is both a marketing master and an internet spammer … but he’s the worst kind of both in that he does not care who he hurts as he leads the people down the proverbial garden path …

Want hope?  Get real!  Do something tangible!  Grab an axe and build a woodpile (so to speak.)

NOTE:  After writing this post (my 1st real post here …) I Googled to see if anybody else was seeing Tim for what he really is and found this absolute gem by Penelope Trunk called 5 Time management tricks I learned from years of hating Tim Ferriss.  The comments are the fun stuff … lol.  Plus seeing Tim comment on Penelope’s Blog and then mention her on his blog two days later … makes this post even more priceless.

Oooo … another one:  Are You Riding The Tim Ferriss Wheel?  Nice!


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